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Colorful Town of Hoi An, Vietnam



“Thirty years after the war, Vietnam has changed tremendously. Like China, the leaders in Vietnam recognized that the Communist economic policy just didn’t work and embrace to a market economy instead. That transformed this relatively small Southeast Asian country that was devastated by the war to an emerging economic power. Almost everywhere you go, you will undoubtedly see hardworking people flooding the free market. Nearly everyone is either the owner of a factory or a street vender.

From the south Mekong Delta to the north Ha Noi, Vietnam is beautiful in nature as well as in the floating markets, charming fishing villages and riverside houses that rest on amazingly tall stilts. However, I found the ancient city of Hoi An to be the most captivating of all. There are several luxury five-star hotels in Hoi An, but you can also stay in one of the local inns that are inside the old city and mingle with the locals.

Situated along the middle of the central Vietnam coast, the town itself is a palette of gorgeous hues. Rich, vibrant colors abound in Hoi An, from the beautiful gold, cream and blue painted houses to the silk-covered, multi-colored lanterns that practically fill the streets.

Hoi An used to be one of the most important international sailing ports in South East Asia, but now Saigon carries that responsibility. Hoi An’s rich history in trade created a fusion of cultures that can still be seen in its unique architecture, which is a veritable blend of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and French styles.

The photos of Hoi An are all taken from the streets, which are quiet and quaint. I found that just walking around the town is most rewarding. You can even find a tailor that will make you a pair of custom-made pants for only ten dollars.”