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Rajasthan, India



“Literally translated into ‘the abode of the princes’, the state of Rajasthan is filled with captivating grandeur and artistic richness. The elaborately-carved temple architecture with its sea of yellow sandstone walls stand as a majestic backdrop for Rajasthan’s colorfully-dressed inhabitants. Splashes of color permeate the entire state, from the dazzling turbans of the men to the bright costumes worn by the women.

Renting a car with a driver is the most rewarding way to see Rajasthan, that way you can head towards major points of interests in city and just stop whenever you see something that piques your interests. On my drives through Rajasthan, I would always see sheepherders wearing bright red turbines as they led their giant flocks of sheep. Hardworking women as well as little girls can be seen working in the fields and—despite them carrying large pots of dirt or water balanced up on their heads— they are all dressed up in elaborate jewelry and beautiful, vibrantly-colored costumes that decorate the desert landscape as they walk.

The sublimely built Taj Mahal is located in Agra, India. No tripods are allowed inside the compound, but you can set your camera on a planting pot or atop some steps. The best time to take a picture of it is early in the morning but you should try to get there before sunrise. Sunsets are best seen across the river with the Taj Mahal in the foreground.”