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Thinking of Morocco evokes visions of heat and dry deserts but in winter it is surprisingly cool and lush in many areas. I found snow in the high country as we drove over the High Atlantic mountain range. The town of Ifrane, brought views of snow piled on the roofs and walls up to a foot high

Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabart, Maknes, and Fes are called the Imperial Cities but only Fes and Maknes present a real taste of old Morocco. Fes is the most interesting city of all. You can spend days walking through the fascinating, winding narrow alleys and still enjoy getting lost in the maze.

Step back in time in Erfoud, the gateway to the Sahara desert. The people who live in this town and its surrounding villages still dress and live the way they did many hundreds years ago. While I was in the Sahara, I took the opportunity to ride a camel and spend a couple of nights camping in a real oasis among the sand dunes. It was well worth the long drive from the coast to see this area.

I visited the region between Tourendent, Agadir and Essaouria to see the goats perched high in the Argan trees eating leaves and nuts. These trees grow only in this specific area.