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The Palouse, Washington state



"South of Spokane but straddling the border of Idaho, you’ll find the town of Palouse. This consummate American landscape is made up of endless wheat fields that are carpeted in lush, dazzling golds and browns in the late summer. I went there late in August when the harvest was almost done and the land was rich in texture and color. I watched the honey-colored hills rise and fall in the distance, a contrast to the cobalt-blue skies above.The unusual terrain of Palouse was created from plowing and crop rotations, along with centuries of the soil getting tossed and blown into crosscurrents by the perpetual southwest winds. The wheat-cutting pattern and the low rolling hills dotted with lonely red barns gave me tremendous opportunities to capture the form and shape of the area at sunset. It was as if the fields seemed to transform into something more surreal, like an abstract painting, right before my eyes as the sun dipped down into the hills.”