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Southern France



“A region drenched in luminous light and color, Southern France basks in tranquility and timeless charm next to the glittering, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Colorful vegetable and flower markets add to this idyllic setting, especially in Cannes— with its cobbled streets and quaint, winding lanes. Stately yachts decorate the palm-fringed harbors and somehow the atmosphere feels both busy and relaxed.

In St. Tropez, attractively-painted houses with pastel facades make for inviting strolls through the many narrow, Italianate streets. Even the scenic hillside villages are bustling; their boutique and café-lined sidewalks are usually packed with lively customers.

The vivacious city of Avignon has a beautiful and dramatic setting that’s all its own. Avignon was the residence of the pope between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries. The towering gothic building known as Palais des papes served as the papal residence for that time. The most recognizable sight in Avignon is its famous bridge that dates back to the sixteenth century and stretches across the Rhône River, which flows from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean Sea. There are also spectacular views of vineyard-lined fields amid blankets of smooth stones that completely cover the soil to reflect the sun’s light onto the grapes.”