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Yellowstone in Winter


When I visited Yellowstone in February, I was greeted by bright, clear air and temperatures that hovered around zero degrees. From the cold starkness of a snowy bank, to the misty fog that quietly drifted over the land, the multifaceted beauty of white was quite striking. The seemingly simple palette of whites, grays and blues created infinite patterns of shadow and light. Every time I felt the frosty chill of a wind sweeping through, there would be another superb abstraction newly created over the smooth, snowy mounds. Even the gathering of dead trees over a frozen pond created a mesmerizing composition for the eyes, as stoic bison trudged their way through the thick of the snow in the distance. The clear nights of Yellowstone made perfect conditions to photograph star tracks in the sky. Hours of star-gazing in person soon translated into a spectacular light show on film.