The camera's lens is indeed a wondrous eye. Whether used in the back yard or on the most distant of journeys, it both expands and sharpens each experience. Through the lens one learns to truly "see" the world rather than merely "looking" at it.  As a result, one comes away with a sharper and richer emotional reaction to all that surrounds him. It should come as no surprise therefore, that photography is an intensely personal art form.

One of the challenges in photography is to compose images of everyday subjects that can elevate one’s emotional reaction to the world around him. Traveling to see the different part of the world is a joy.  But when you pay more attention to the subjects around you, and capture the simple details of the locale, the reward you get when you view the images at home is an additional treasure.

Ben’s extensive travels have now taken him nearly all over the world; from the quaint, narrow streets of the Mediterranean, to the enchanting villages along the Danube River near Budapest. Each country offers its own unique palette to inspire Ben’s imaginative works. With an emphasis on the simple and concise in composition, Ben loves to use balanced colors, lines and forms to compose images that are real with a hint of abstraction; strong yet soothing.

His award winning work has been continuously displayed by The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Artist Gallery at Fort Mason, San Francisco since 1999. The Chinese Consulate in San Francisco selected Ben's work to display at its new West Wing Hall in June 2005. Ben's works are also exhibited in galleries, private and corporate collections. As a member of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, Ben was awarded the distinction of Associateship in October of 1999.

You are invited to browse through the images as you wish.  My Favorites presents a cross section of work or choose a specific country or area to see more.